Success story of Dilip & Sandhya


           “Everybody loving me & I received a lot of love from my parents,my siblings,from my near and dear & from my loving husband. But when time came to flow the love love my child..After some years of my wedding. It not happens. Everything was there in my life, but just like a lot of smile without happiness. We consulted various fertility experts with hope & everytime those hope disappeared after some period. With that pain we went to several places to achieve that moment. I prayed a lot to God & always complained with tears,why me? But God had other things planned for us. Then through a friend we learnt about Dr.Saritha Suresh and Aaradhya Fertility Clinic. She never gave us any false promises. We liked her approach of handling patients.

             All by the grace of Almighty our treatment was successful & now i am pregnant. I remember the day when she informed me about the good news. This golden moment came to my life due to this Angel Dr.Saritha. Really she came into my life as an Angel to give my happiness.

              I am always praying to God to give a lot of success to Dr.Saritha Suresh and her Aaradhya Fertility Clinic.”


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