Fertility Checkups Are A Necessity. Here is Why You Need One

Couples who are facing failures in conceiving even after trying for more than a year should definitely seek an expert opinion from an entrust fertility specialist. Even if they are not attempting for a child immediately but have a plan of starting a family in the future it is always better to get a fertility checkup so that they face no difficulties in the future.

Having a child of your own is an ultimate pleasure and thus requires extreme caution in the process. The entire world appears to be joyous and very beautiful. We at Aaradhya Fertility Center understand the importance of childbirth and hence have been doing all that we can in terms of treatments and care to help you achieve that happiness, for 10 years.


Yet Infertility affects an estimated 15% of couples globally, amounting to 48.5 million couples. It might be surprising but it is true. Infertility may not affect a person physically but mentally and socially it does affect the couple. With changing lifestyles and busy daily schedules, women are delaying being a parent. In older times starting a family was od utmost priority whereas women these days are interested in their careers and would like to defer their plans for starting a family. Apart from this family planning these days involves many factors such as financial, career and emotional.


Yet infertility is something that the Indian society can’t still imagine to happen to them and talking about it is far from question. The thought of becoming infertile could bring about several changes in the couple’s thought processes. Women above the age of 30 may think twice about deferring her plans about having a family. Even though she might not be having any fertility-related difficulties going for a regular fertility checkup won’t harm anyone, rather benefit them in the long run.

Many experts, as well as doctors around the world, do say that the majority of women between 18 and 30 need not be worried about their fertility. However, it is better to get themselves tested and plan their way of conceiving soon.

There are few signs that act as an alarm bell for infertility and one must recognize those and take help from fertility specialist. Here we have discussed about few major indications:

  • Age: Both women and men above the age of 30 who have yet not conceived but plan to have family in the future should consider getting a fertility checkup. Researches show that women within the age of 35-40 have only 5 percent chances of getting pregnant in a monthly cycle.
  • Heredity: If a woman is under 30, but her mother or any female member of the family went through menopause at 38 or even younger.
  • Disease: A family history of fragile egg syndrome or have an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, which does increase the risk of early ovarian failure.
  • BMI: If the BMI or Body Mass Index of the woman is higher than usual. Women should aim for a BMI of 20-24.9 for optimal fertility. Women with a BMI between 18.5 and 20 may still be considered normal weight, but anything more or less than that is concerning with respect to fertility.
  • Chronic disease: If the man or the woman is suffering from diabetes, is a survivor of cancer or is exposed to harmful chemicals for a long time.
  • Physical Damage: Also, irrespective of the gender if there is damage or injury in the reproductive organs of the person then fertility checkups are necessary.
  • Additional Factors: other additional factors may be irregular diet, addiction to smoking and drinking, excessive stress, etc.

In most fertility clinics all across the world, patients only seek out fertility testing on suspicion that something is wrong, usually after a long period of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant.

Age is a very crucial factor in terms of fertility. Not just the fact that one is fertile or not, age plays a vital role in determining the success of various assisted fertilization methods.

No doubt, it is possible to improve one’s reproductive health at any age with the help of the latest fertility techniques offered by fertility centers like IVF, IUI, ICSI, etc. ways like egg freezing are also there for far-sighted people who know that their fertility might support them at the time when they wish to start a family. It is important to go in for consultations with a fertility expert and also get oneself checked up thoroughly, to get specific answers to your individual problems related to fertility.

Yes, visiting an established fertility center or consulting with an experienced fertility specialist does make a difference. Whether or not one wants to have a child is indeed a personal matter but it is also important to keep in mind infertility issues.

If you are facing similar dilemmas or issues regarding fertility talk to us, we assure you that all the conversations that you have with us are confidential. Reach out to us and let us help you by clicking on http://aaradhyafertility.com/ .


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