uncontrolled diabetes and infertility

Are you Diabetic and Trying to Conceive? Read this First

According to WHO estimates, more than 180 million people worldwide have Diabetes. And this number is likely to be doubled by 2030. Diabetes is a condition where the body cannot keep blood sugar levels in the normal range. There are three types: Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and Gestational Diabetes.

Do you think Diabetes can be the reason for infertility in Females?

Type 1 diabetes which mainly affects the young population, is growing at an alarming rate of 3% each year. Type 1 diabetes compromises female fertility, even before it is diagnosed. Studies indicate that only 2% of the women affected by type 1 diabetes can conceive. Also, enhanced glucose levels can only increase the risk for Diabetes in the child. It can also increase the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, caesarean section and the baby needing intensive care after birth. There is the involvement of various risks that can hinder women’s pregnancy. A problem like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can be detrimental to women’s fertility. It also causes premature menopause with irregular periods.

In many cases, a woman with higher than normal glucose levels does get pregnant month after month. Unfortunately, her Diabetes prevents that embryo from implanting in the uterus, causing a miscarriage before realising she is pregnant. In this case, Diabetes isn’t preventing conception but is preventing an ongoing pregnancy. High glucose levels are reported to increase a woman’s chances of miscarriage by 30-60%, according to statistics.

Do you think Diabetes can be the reason for infertility in males?

Diabetes does not directly link to male infertility; however, specific conditions that Diabetes causes affect fertility and the ability to conceive. Diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves and increase the risk of infection, especially when not well controlled. As a result, Diabetes is associated with a range of sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive (libido), ejaculation problems and inflammation of the foreskin (balanitis).

Trying to Conceive When Diabetic

Whether you are a man or woman with Diabetes, if you are trying to conceive, it is crucial to speak with your physician to ensure you get your Diabetes under control prior to trying to conceive. When Diabetes is well managed, you have a lower risk of fertility issues than when it is not under control. Individuals with Diabetes are still capable of conceiving, but maintaining healthy body weight and keeping their Diabetes in check is crucial to making that possible.

If you are diabetic and planning for pregnancy, ensure that you take proper care to manage blood sugar levels. A healthy pregnancy is assured with controlled Diabetes.

Well-controlled blood sugar levels:

  • can help menstrual cycles become more regular
  • reduces the risk of erection problems
  • increases men’s testosterone levels
  • increases libido (sex drive)
  • reduces the risk of miscarriage
  • reduces the risk of having a very large baby, and the baby requiring intensive care after birth
  • reduces the risk of congenital disorder (a health problem that starts at birth)
  • reduces the risk of stillbirth and neonatal death

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