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4 Reasons Not to Delay Fertility Treatments

Many couples who decide to start a family are shocked when they aren’t able to get pregnant
right away. Accepting infertility may be a big step, but one in six couples struggle with
infertility. Infertility is a medical condition that is time-sensitive. As per today’s lifestyle,
postponed pregnancies became common. Couples are more focused on their studies and careers.
Birth control isn’t a priority at an early age due to busy schedules. The concept of getting a
toddler after financial security is mostly followed so that the longer-term of your child is secure. 
Don’t put your fertility journey on hold until the “right time” comes, because when infertility is
involved, the right time to act is now. Below are the most important reasons not to delay getting
fertility help.
 1. Age matters a lot
Many people don’t realize when it comes to fertility, age plays a role for both women and men.
A woman’s fertility starts to decline around age 35 and while the impact on male fertility is less
pronounced, declines can be seen starting at age 40 when sperm quality decreases. For couples
where the woman is 40 or over, help should be sought once the couple decides to start a family.
In these cases, the quality and quantity of the woman’s eggs may have declined significantly,
making it difficult to conceive without fertility treatments. The sooner you opt to seem for
fertility treatment, the higher the chance you’ll get pregnant.
2.  The ovarian reserve declines with each menstrual cycle
The term ovarian reserve states that females have some amount of eggs they’re born with, more
eggs can’t be created throughout their lifetime. Younger women are more likely to have better
quality eggs and therefore tend to be successful with less invasive methods like fertility
medications or intrauterine insemination (IUI). 
If you decide for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and you want to delay pregnancy, the eggs and
embryos that developed at the time of treatment can freeze for the longer term, which helps to
take care of your Fertility. 
 3. Infertility treatment may be time-consuming
 Couples with time will conceive, with or without infertility treatment. But getting pregnant isn’t
a swift and straightforward process once you realize your Infertility. Infertility may be a concern
with you or your partner or a mix of ‘Infertility causes’ that prevent pregnancy. Fertility testing
is processed to seek out the explanation for Infertility and what treatments are going to be best
for the couple. Many tests are scheduled as per the monthly cycle. The male partner also will
undergo a semen analysis to see for the infertility treatment for males. The treatment may require
multiple attempts or might get delayed. Infertility treatment should be started now rather than
waiting and you’ll bring happiness to your life at the earliest. 
 4. Your overall health is Important
When couples begin treatment, initial tests are conducted that can give them a wealth of
information about their general health. For many, their infertility is caused by an underlying
health issue they weren’t aware of. These issues can include blocked fallopian tubes, vitamin D
deficiency, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or thyroid disease. Learning about an underlying
condition is the first step to treating it and taking charge of your health and your fertility. 

Start your journey of parenthood today
For those looking to delay parenthood, time is still of the essence! Infertility treatment costs may
increase with the time you’re waiting as egg or sperm quality lessens with the time. Women can
now preserve their future fertility through egg freezing, enabling them to build a family when the
time is right. However, women considering this option should move forward as soon as possible
to increase their chances of success. Older couples require more cycles, acquiring more costs at
the top, younger couples have more chances of straightforward treatments. As previously
mentioned, egg quality and quantity decline as women age, therefore those who freeze their eggs
earlier have the best chance of conceiving in the future. 
If you’re ready to get started, call 88865 92229 today to schedule an appointment. Aaradhya
Fertility can help your dreams of having a family come true!


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