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10 Natural Ways to Boost Fertility In Men

Women are not the only people suffering from infertility issues. One-third to one-half of the total registered infertility cases are due to a malefactor. Male infertility is of much concern these days. We will be focusing on the key reasons for male infertility and probable ways to restore it naturally. 

Poor lifestyle and unhealthy living habits need to be changed to boost fertility naturally in men. Sperms need to be of good quality and in the required quantity to avoid infertility. Sperm usually takes four months to produce, so one needs to plan well their baby conceiving.

1. Alcohol – Altering sperm count, size, shape, and motility are some causes of heavy drinking. The odd glass of wine and a few pints here and there does not matter too much, but binge drinking is a problem for fertility and making a baby. 

2. Drugs – Do not indulge –Steroids, Testosterone, Narcotics, Recreational Drugs, Marijuana, etc. change the hormone levels that affect the sperm quantity and quality. A big NO to any of these.

3. Fertility enhancing food – Highly recommend fertility foods such as green leafy vegetables, carrot, tomatoes, chicken, eggs, banana, citrus foods, almonds, sunflower seeds and dark chocolate. Try to take as many of these items as you can.

4. Get enough vitamin D – Deficiency in Vitamin D and calcium may also adversely impact sperm count. Regular intake of Vitamin D supplements can improve male infertility.

5. Sexual intercourse – Timing is of utmost importance. Many couples believe that more than once a day increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. This reduces the quality of sperm, Daily intercourse or Alternate-day sexual intercourse is recommended. 

6. Smoking – Nicotine in the cigarette has a big impact on sperm. The effects of smoking on sperm and fertility are reversible. It doesn’t matter how long you have smoked for. As soon as you stop smoking, your sperm will start becoming healthier within three months.

7. STIs – Avoid – Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as Chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhoea, etc lead to scarring of the male organs thus resulting in infertility. Stay away from unprotected sex.

8. Exercise – Exercise not only improves your physical performance but also raise your testosterone levels. Exercise can lead to improved sperm quality and can increase sperm counts.

9. Weight – One way to increase your fertility is to make sure that you are at a healthy weight for your body. Maintain around BMI 25, which is a healthy BMI level to improve the quality of sperm.

10. Avoid sitting for long periods. Prolonged sitting has also been linked to decreased sperm health. If you have a desk job, get up and walk around throughout the day. The benefits of standing, even if it’s just long enough to refill your water bottle or talk to a coworker across the hall, are good for your whole body and mind.

 A healthy lifestyle with optimum levels of physical activity and sufficient sleep, eating healthy as well as organic food, drinking lots of water and liquids such as juices or shakes, yoga and/or meditation to get rid of stress. Such techniques will no doubt improve the health of the sperm count, motility, and fertility.

Infertility is a puzzle. There is always a solution to this puzzle, needs a step-wise systematic approach. It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist if you are on the road to parenthood. For a safe journey towards parenthood, call us on +91 88865 92229 and book an appointment.

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