Success Story

Success Story of Rohini & Suresh

Rohini & Suresh have been a married couple for the last 5 years. Everything in their married life has been a dream come true, except for their attempt to have kids, who could carry on their family legacy for the future generations. After multiple attempts to have children going vain,...

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Male Fertility

Male Infertility : Causes & Diagnosis

Infertility Infertility is the inability of a sexually active, non -contracepting couple to achieve spontaneous pregnancy in one year .(World Health Organization, 2010) Dwelling into the insights of Infertility, Dr Sarita clearly articulates the various aspects of Infertility covering the Problem of Infertility, Causes, History and Examination/Diagnosis. To understand further, read the article along...

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IVF Treatment in Visakhapatnam Aaradhya Fertility Clinic

Fertility : Problems & Treatment

Fertility : Problems & Treatment Infertility is not a common discussion, and yet it’s more prevalent than you might think. Reports state that one in every ten women experience infertility. Infertility can be surprising and overwhelming for couples, and its personal nature keeps it from being an often-shared topic...

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Success story of SRIDIVYA

           “A loved one is not the one who understands your happiness. But is the one who can guess your sadness and try to remove it, or make you free of the problem in the best possible manner.             It’s been a very long time...

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Tubal Reversal versus IVF: Which is the best choice?

Sterilization is the most common contraceptive method utilized by couples in the United States. Approximately 27% of fertile women choose tubal sterilization as their method of contraception. About half of these surgeries are performed within 48 hours post-partum and the other half as interval procedures remote from a pregnancy....

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How to Determine Fertility in Women

For many women, knowing when conception is possible can aid in achieving or avoiding pregnancy. Fertility varies on a regular cycle for most women, while most men are fertile continuously. If you have never been diagnosed by a medical professional as infertile, there are many options for determining fertility,...

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How to Increase Fertility in Men

Five Methods: Minimize Physical and Chemical Fertility Interference. Eat to Increase Male Fertility. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. Get a Professional Consultation. Natural remedies to increase Sperm count. Male fertility can depend largely on modifiable factors, such as diet, lifestyle, sexual habits, and occupational exposures. In some cases, simple changes...

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