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The critical link to Fertility – Body Mass Index

Studies have shown that people with a high BMI – especially Indians – tend to have a correspondingly high fat percentage. Normally, the body needs fat for many critical processes. However, when the fat becomes more than necessary, it is termed as “Obesity” – now recognized as a very dangerous disease because the fat becomes toxic to the body.

To read further, visit the following article: Body Mass Index & its Impact on Fertility



  • We don’t believe that the final decision on whether to treat should be ours alone; as long as we have accurately advised patients of their chances, those with a low likelihood of success should also be offered fertility treatment if they wish.
  • We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and on our holistic, considered approach to investigating and treating your fertility problem.
  • We endeavour to empower you with the knowledge and information that will enable you to be involved in your own fertility management. This in turn allows us to tailor treatment to your individual needs.
  • We encourage you to discuss freely with us your anxieties and problems. We believe that this free association creates a relaxed atmosphere within the Clinic and thus contributes significantly to our overall high success rates.
  • Our aim is to help you to achieve your long-awaited family, but if this is not possible, we hope that we would have helped you come to terms with your current inability to conceive.

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