Thank you Madam from our heart

We visited several doctors. 2 years later met madam. My wife had undergone IVF, she conceived and now her due date is in April.

Madam helped us in all ways. She is good doctor and good human being.

dmWe thank each and every one at AARADHYA……..

April 5, 2019

The Best Centre

My wife Niharika conceived spontaneously and her first pregnancy was uneventful. We are blessed with a baby girl.

Three of us, with our parents and brother’s family were very happy.

Our child was 6 years old, Niharika was having difficulty in conceiving…..

Surprisingly, my parents consulted Dr. Sarita for us ,and they were very happy with her, Aaradhya and environment.

My wife conceived with IUI we are blessed with second child.

My daughter is happiest in the world and she is jealous of her sibling also………

niharikaWe have been to different centers but this is the best…..

March 20, 2019

Very Happy

ME and My Husband and a son , three of us were . Thought of having a second child is there
for year, but we were not blessed with second child. Year passed………………and I reached 35 years.
For my sons wish of having a sibling we came all the way from a remote place in Orissa to Vizag to

She made me very comfortable, my treatment was stress free , I conceived, I was very comfortable
without any complications during pregnancy because of her loving care. I delivered a baby girl.

me and my son 1

Thank you madam and staff.

March 15, 2019

7 years of marriage

7 years of marriage. I am a person, who was in the impression that I will remain childless always.

To my boon… luck… destiny, I met Dr. Saritha and conceived through IVF.

We can’t even think about IVF, but she supported us in all ways. I conceived , now I am enjoying the feeling of motherhood….

Thank you all staff members for your patient hearing…..

varalakshmi Shankar rao

Varalakshmi/Shankar Rao
March 9, 2019

After 3 ½ years of awaiting

“Very supportive environment”

Lirish and me were very happy about madam Dr. Sarita and staff at AARADHYA. Thank you madam for
your support during our 2 months of treatment. We put on hold everything in life, henceforth we both
will move forward in life in building our family rest.

Feedback of Lirisha Srinu

Lirisha Srinu
February 18, 2019

Gratitude from couple family

8 years passed.

Conceived with IUI in first cycle.
Words are less but heartful thanks to Madam….


Feedback Rama Demudu

February 5, 2019

Happy With Aaradhya Fertility

cicilya seshufeed cicilya

Ciciliya Seshu
February 5, 2019

Every childless couple should know

Years passed……

We are left child less….

Took treatment elsewhere, in despair…..

Come to Aaradhya took IVF first attempt conceived, there was no end to our joy, but it ended in miscarriage.

Took treatment again conceived, now I am 12 weeks.


feed sudharani

“Thank you Madam for your personalized care.”

Sudha Rani Mukesh
February 2, 2019

Very Happy

We are married for 2 years, but we have been trying since one year
only took simple medication and advise from madam and conceived.


feedback vandana

Thank you madam!

January 29, 2019


Both me and my husband are on higher side of BMI, both of us are working.
We tried with medications and injections for one month it was not successful.
Lost little patience because of our work and repeated clinic visits.
But with madam’s patience and counseling we tried IUI and conceived in first
Very happy madam thank you from bottom of my heart.
Words are less! But to all of you! Thank you!


K. D. V. S. Sowjanya
January 27, 2019

Very Happy

Married for 6 years.

Visited Aaradhya after hearing from one of our friend

After going through all our reports, Dr. Saritasuresh suggested IVF.

We were very hesitant, thoughtful to spend our earnings for IVF.

To our luck, or destiny madam hand conceived in first attempt.

Thank you AARADHYA as a team”


From ,

Chinnnammulu Maheswar Rao


Chinnnammulu Maheswar Rao
January 25, 2019

Very Happy

feed back chinnammulu maheswar rao

January 25, 2019

Very Usefull

feed lakshmi

January 25, 2019

Very Happy

Our first 2 years of love marriage was very happy.

Then pinch of not having kids started in 3rd year.

It turned out to be a social pressure in 4th year.

Tried IUI at Aaradhya. It was not fruitful.

With one medication I did not responded well during my first IVF.

Embryo quality was not good we were in grief hearing that.

Doctor Sarita Suresh changed medication and I went for second IVF, during which I conceived. Madam supported us in all aspects during our treatment.

Now I am 11 ½ weeks pregnant. Merriness in our life is back. We wish to see my brother soon as my child…..

Thank you Madam and Staff.

Ever in love.

V. Lakshmi Aditya

January 25, 2019

Very usefull

8 years of waiting to conceive.

My suffering with Endometriosis……………..

With pain of moving from one doctor to another doctor…………….

My luck, and met Dr.SARITHA Garu at AARADHYA.

I thought IVF means success, but first attempt was not fruitful at AARADHYA.

Lost hope, started searching ways of avoiding everyone.

Then Dr.SARITHA supported me , gave lot of hope , it is important to have someone like her in tough situations.


Finally in my second attempt I conceived.

Started loving myself. Now I am 12 weeks Pregnant.

Thank you Madam. Thank you Staff.

January 24, 2019

Very Good


January 24, 2019