1. What are causes of Infertility?
    A) Male 30%, Female 40% and combined male & female causes 40 %.
  2. What is the Success rate of IUI?
    A) 10 % to 20 %, depending on female age factor and duration of marital life.
  3. What is the Success Rate of IVF?
    A) 30% to 60%, depending on female age and ovarian reserve and Male semen sample.
  4. When IUI is indicated?
    A) Male factors – with low sperm count , some cases like
    – Sexual Dysfunction
    – Un explained Cause
    Female factors – Endometriosis
  5. When IVF is indicated?
    A) Male Factors like Very low count, less than 5 million per ml
    Female factors – Repeated IUI failures and some cases like,
    – Severe Endometriosis
    – Blocked Fallopian Tubes
    – Un explained infertility
  6. I am suffering with PCOD, will I not conceive at all?
    A) 80% —to 90 % people conceive with PCOD.
  7. Do I need to undergo HSG (HYSTEROSALPINGOGRAM)?
    A) Not a must, depending on Clinical Situation.
  8. My husband has low sperm count, will I not conceive at all ?
    A) Many treatments are available for conception.
  9. Is IUI or IVF are must in Fertility Centre?
    A) No, many couples conceive with slight help.
  10. Are there any side effects of this treatment?
    A) Multiple Pregnancy (more than one baby).
  11. Are the Hormonal treatments harmful for me or for our child?
    A) Not harmful. Proved in multiple studies.
  12. How much time it will take for one IVF cycle ?
    A) Daily injections – 10 Days
    Egg collection — 1 Day
    Embryo transfer– 3 days later.
    No need to stay in hospital.
  13. How long we can freeze our Embryos?
    A) According to ICMR- [INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH] we can freeze the embryos for 5 years.