Essential points you need to keep in mind while choosing an IVF centre

Diagnosis of a fertility-related issue can be overwhelming and taking the decision of going through with an IVF treatment, is even more difficult. Many women struggle to imagine how they would cope with the side effects associated with conventional IVF. The only reassuring thing at such a situation is the fertility center and the doctors attending you. So it is very important that you choose your fertility center wisely. If you do decide to go ahead, choosing a fertility clinic that will respond to you as an individual and offer the treatment that is right for you is really important.

At Aaradhya Fertility Center, we believe that every person visiting us deserves the opportunity to become a parent and every fertility issue is different from the other. Our treatment procedures are honest and ethical because our clients deserve that. IVF can be done with lower doses of medication or no medication at all, and fewer of the side effects and health risks were typically seen in conventional IVF.


These are the following steps that you have to keep in mind before choosing your fertility center:


1.About the clinic: The most important step of selecting a perfect fertility centre is to know about its foundation and treatment procedures. Do a background check on the fertility centers that are in your list. Learn about it’s staff strength, founding members and policies.


2.Success rate: Check the annual report and also consult with the doctor about the success rate. You should be sure that the clinic you choose has a successful track record, but it can be difficult to analyse and compare the data that different providers publish. Take into consider important points like recorded data of the clinic’s pregnancies or live births, success per cycle, per patient, per embryo transfer or even per embryo transferred. Many clinics will turn away older women or those with low egg reserves (factors which affect success rates), make sure the clinic that you choose does not support any kind of discrimination, because if they can discriminate with others they can do it with you it. Aaradhya Fertility Center has an average success rate of 45-50% .



With some clinics, it can be difficult to understand at the start of the process how much your treatment will end up costing. Unfortunately, many clinics have been found recommending unproven add-ons, such as reproductive immunology, which can add to the cost but have no scientifically proven benefit and carry health risks for women.

We do our best to offer clear pricing information from the outset, and detail on the costs of the treatment that is most suitable for you on the basis of an individual consultation. At Aaradhya Fertility Center we have kept the cost of our treatments at the convenience of our patients and we also stand by their financial conditions and willingness to go through the treatments despite their crisis.


Waiting times

The fertility centre should simply work with your natural menstrual cycle and most women are able to start treatment as soon as their next cycle. Aaradhya Fertility Center prioritises each and every client and makes sure that no one has to wait for them.



Remember that fertility treatments can be an emotional and stressful experience, and you will want to feel comfortable and supported by the medical provider you choose.

Aaradhya Fertility Center not only comforts you emotionally but also stands by you financially with strong technological support. We at Aaradhya will make no compromise with our client based treatment protocol and ethical treatment approach.



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