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Do’s and Don’ts for a successful IVF. Must Read

IVF treatment i.e. In Vitro Fertilization treatment has revolutionized the world of medicine and ultimately the world of all those who could not conceive. The process of IVF can be a daunting one for many couples – it takes a toll on them physically, emotionally and financially. You might be currently undergoing IVF treatments or you might be planning to undergo fertility treatments, whatever the case might be you are in the right place.

It is paramount to understand the basic dos and don’ts of IVF Treatment. While the transfer of the embryo is a stressful yet exciting time, there are certain things to keep in mind to ensure maximum success. The entire list of do’s and don’ts during the IVF process can be divided into three sections or phases. The phases are a pre-cycle phase, mid-cycle phase and, post-cycle phase.


  1. Pre-cycle:
  • Staying healthy should be your mantra!
  • Always eat a balanced and healthy diet including fruits, nuts and leafy veggies
  • Aim and reach a healthy weight. Maintain healthy BMI i.e; 22-25.
  • Exercise regularly but moderately.
  • Consult your doctor about taking necessary vitamin supplements and other medications
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid alcohol or at least try keeping your alcohol intake to the bare minimum
  • Avoid taking any stress and meditate regularly to stay positive from the beginning to the end
  • Avoid caffeine or reduce to one or two caffeinated beverages a day
  • If you are using any drugs, inform about them to your doctor.


  1. During the cycle:
  • The quest to being healthy continues with a balanced diet
  • Do make sure to get at least eight hours of adequate sleep
  • Drink lots of water and fluids
  • The no smoking and drinking alcohol rule continues (For both male and female)
  • So does the reduced caffeine intake to one or two cups a day
  • Add eggs, chicken, fish … more proteins to your diet.
  • Do not take any medication even the over-the-counter medication without consulting your doctor or RE
  • Do not expose yourself and your partner to extreme heat or radiation as it may reduce fertility
  • Keep exercising in moderation
  • In case of OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome), you will be having symptoms like blotting, constipation, breathing difficulty, tight abdomen… In such case consult your doctor immediately.
  • Take all the injections as prescribed and visit your clinic as and when asked.
  • Consult your doctor about baby aspirin. It is a blood thinner improves implantation by increasing blood flow to the uterus.

3.      Post-cycle:

  • Continue staying healthy and eating well
  • Try to stay relaxed and keep your stress level low. Exercise, Yoga, Meditation might help
  • Always eat fresh and home-cooked food and avoid food older than 12 hours
  • Do not lift heavy weights or strain yourself physically
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Drink lots of water
  • Consult your doctor immediately if you have any of the symptoms like fever, severe pain in abdomen, vomiting, or bleeding after egg collection
  • Intake of all the medications prescribed on time will help
  • Stay Positive!


After Embryo transfer follow these steps

  • Take a balanced diet – include fresh veggies, fruits, eggs more protein-based food
  • Drink 3 to 4 litres of water
  • Walk for 30 mins daily
  • Can do all the household activities normally
  • Don’t neglect any medicine prescribed by your doctor
  • Stay calm. Meditation will help you to get relief from stress.


The most important thing is to remain calm and positive during the entire process of IVF especially post-transfer. You may not be able to influence the outcome, but you can aid the process by following these few do’s and don’ts to make your treatment a success.

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